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[b]Кабринский Эдуард - Azure devops check in policy - Kabrinskiy Eduard

Azure devops check in policy


Azure devops check in policy Latest news Azure devops check in policy

Set Up a Gated Check-in Policy Using Azure DevOps Services

Yashita Shah

  • Nov 9, 2020
  • 8 Min read
  • Nov 9, 2020
  • 8 Min read


A gated check-in is a process that restricts developers from merging a broken code into the source control system?something every software company wants to establish. As they do so, organizations need to ask several questions:

This guide will clarify these questions and shed light on how to set up different policies that can be configured for a gated checked-in process using Azure DevOps Services (formerly known as VSTS).

Let's start by learning about branch policies and related features.

Protect Your Branches

Azure DevOps has a feature called branch policies used to set up a gated check-in process. Branch policies help teams to protect their important branches of development. Policies are enforced on the team for better code quality and help improve managing code standards.

In a nutshell, you can set up the following policies:

Now it?s time to deep dive into each policy and leverage the power of the branch policies feature for a gated check-in process. The following sections will explain each policy in detail and give tips for configuring branch policies.

Configure Branch Policies

To set up branch policies, navigate to Repos > Branches, as shown in the figure below.

Once you click on the Branches option, it launches the Branches page in the web portal, as shown in the figure below.

Select the ? button, then select Branch Policies from the context menu.

Now you can configure various policies on the setting page. See the rest of the guide for the description of each policy type.

Set Up Minimum Number of Reviewers

The require a minimum number of reviewers? policy helps most software development projects. Code review is a best practice to follow and the recommended way to ensure code quality improvement.

To require teams to review their changes before completing a pull request, select the Require a minimum number of reviewers option. It is recommended to set a minimum of two reviewers as best practice.

This policy also helps all the software industries before the developer?s code gets merged to the master branch. It provides various options to configure policy along with a minimum number of reviewers. Let's explore these options in detail.

Allow requestors to approve their own changes

If this option is selected, the creator of the pull request can vote on its approval. If not, then their vote won?t count toward the minimum number of reviewers. It is recommended that the creator of the pull request not be able to vote on their own request.

Prohibit the most recent pusher from approving their own changes

If you enable this option, enforced segregation of duties happens. It means that the most recent push automatically makes the pusher?s vote not count.

Allow completion even if some reviewers vote to wait or reject

If this option is not enabled, the pull of request code will not be merged to the master branch if some reviewers vote to reject it. It is recommended to not enable this option unless it is needed.

Reset code reviewer votes when there are new changes

This option gives you the capability to reset code reviewers' votes if the creator of the pull request submits new changes to the same PR. This way, reviewers are well of aware new changes and can decide to approve the PR or not.

Set Up Check for Associated Work Items

This policy provides you the ability to set up an association between a pull request and a work item to ensure that upcoming changes to your branch have proper traceability.

You can set up this policy as required or optional to check for associated work items in the pull request. It is recommended to set up this option as required, which means blocking the pull request from being completed unless the user has at least one linked work item.

Azure devops check in policy

Azure devops check in policy


Azure devops check in policy Latest news headlines Azure devops check in policy

Azure devops check in policy

A gated check-in is a process that restricts developers from merging a broken code into the source control system?something every software company wants to establish.
Azure devops check in policy
Azure devops check in policy Azure devops check in policy Azure devops check in policy SOURCE:
Azure devops check in policy
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Intellipaat devops - Eduard Kabrinskiy

Intellipaat devops


Intellipaat devops Current breaking news Intellipaat devops

Salesforce App Builder Certification Exam Guide

First, let?s check out the agenda of this blog on ?Salesforce App Builder Certification Exam Guide?:

  1. Introduction to Salesforce App Builder
  2. Skills Required
  3. Prerequisites for Salesforce App Builder Certification
  4. Marks Distribution
  5. Certification Exam Details
  6. Exam Strategy
  7. Suggestions

Introduction to Salesforce App Builder

First of all, you need to understand what an App Builder is in Salesforce? An App Builder in Salesforce is a point-and-click tool that helps developers configure applications in Salesforce. Also, Salesforce App Builder helps them customize Salesforce mobile apps and desktop sites. Further, an App Builder also allows them to develop and configure applications as per user requirements.

Related Articles

Here, in this Salesforce App Builder certification guide blog, you will get all the information related to the certification exam, and it will serve as the complete Salesforce App Builder exam guide for you.

If you are a beginner in Salesforce, then watch this comprehensive tutorial on Salesforce:

Skills Required

The skills required to become a Certified Salesforce App Builder are as follows:

  • Design, build, and implement various custom applications using the multiple customization capabilities of the platform as per user requirements
  • Design the security model, the data management model, business logic, process automation, and the user interface
  • Configure Salesforce mobile applications for use
  • Build various types of reports and dashboards using different data objects for the company you are working in
  • Deploy custom applications

Do you want to clear the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam? Here are Intellipaat?s Salesforce CRM Training courses that will give you a head start in Salesforce.

Prerequisites for Salesforce App Builder Certification

The Salesforce App Builder certification exam is designed for those professionals who have knowledge of using the Salesforce platform to develop custom applications. A Salesforce Platform App Builder should have 6 months to 1 year of experience in developing applications using the Salesforce Lightning platform or any other similar CRM applications.

Below are the prerequisites, knowledge, and skills required for you to clear the Salesforce App Builder Certification exam:

  • Experience working with the features of the Lightning platform
  • Knowledge of the types of Salesforce licenses and their uses
  • Experience in designing applications to establish business processes
  • Experience with the development environments of the Salesforce platform and its application deployment
  • Understanding of the social app integration and the mobile application capabilities of Salesforce
  • Working experience in managing and optimizing enterprise applications using a mobile device

Marks Distribution

  • Salesforce fundamentals (8.0%): Salesforce fundamentals has an 8 percent weightage. You should know about the basics of objects, declarative customization, and the use of AppExchange in the Salesforce platform.
  • Data modeling and management (20.0%): This is a major section for the certification exam with 20 percent weightage. Here, you should focus on data import, export, data loaders, data mapping, data model, types of relationships, and other topics related to data management.
  • Security (10.0%): Security is one of the important areas of concern for every company. In the Salesforce App Builder certification exam, this section gets a 10 percent weightage. In this section, you should have knowledge about various types of security, such as object-level, field-level, and record-level security types.

  • Business logic and process automation (27.0%): This section has the highest weightage among all the topics. Therefore, you should focus on every concept in it and try to master their implementation using the Salesforce platform. The concepts include flows, Process Builder, workflow, validation rules, escalation rules, record types, and many more. You should have a clear understanding of how to use the business logic and process automation tools.
  • Social (3.0%): This section of the syllabus has the least weightage. In this, you need to understand the capabilities of Salesforce to connect with Twitter and YouTube, both for mobile apps and desktop sites.
  • User interface (14.0%): In the UI section of the syllabus, you should have a thorough knowledge of configuring the user interface by using buttons, actions, tabs, and links.
  • Reporting (5.0%): In the reporting section, you will have to learn how to create standard and custom reports, various types of reports in Salesforce, and how to build dashboards using these reports.
  • Mobile (5.0%): Here, you will learn about the Salesforce mobile app administration. In this section, you should gain knowledge of various features of Salesforce mobile apps, such as global actions, action layouts, and the actions that are specific to objects.
  • App development (8.0%): This section is the most important in terms of the implementation, development, and deployment of an application, despite its low weightage, so it will be highly recommended that you go through all the major concepts included in this section.

For getting a kick-start in Salesforce, enroll in the Salesforce Certification provided by Intellipaat.

Certification Exam Details

  • Exam duration: The duration of the Salesforce App Builder certification exam is 90 minutes.
  • Number of questions: The number of questions asked in the Salesforce App Builder certification exam is 60.
  • Passing percentage: One of the most asked questions by candidates preparing for the Salesforce App Builder certification exam is, ?How much is the score required to pass the Salesforce App Builder exam?? To pass this certification exam, you have to score at least 63 percent. For securing 63 percent, you have to give correct answers to around 38 questions out of the total 60 questions.
  • Certification cost: The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam costs US$200. The retake fee is US$100 if you fail to score 63 percent in the first attempt.

Study Strategy

The best strategy to prepare for the Salesforce App Builder certification is working on a use case. The use case can be based on a scenario wherein you can implement all the important concepts that have a higher weightage in the Salesforce Certified App Builder exam. You should prepare a list of topics, as well as subtopics, to create a flow for the use case.

By implementing the concepts with the help of a use case, you will get a thorough knowledge of how both small and large-scale companies use Salesforce for managing their businesses. This way, you will get practical experience as well, and all this will boost your chances of clearing the certification exam on the first attempt.


Here are a few suggestions for you to follow to successfully prepare for and clear the Salesforce App Builder certification exam.

Review the Important Concepts from the Syllabus

In the previous section of this blog, we already discussed the marks distribution and the importance and weightage of various topics in the syllabus of the Salesforce App Builder certification exam. Hence, while preparing for the exam, you should follow this syllabus and learn accordingly. This will make your preparation good enough to pass the exam.

Implement All the Concepts Using the Salesforce Platform

By now, you might have understood that without practice and real-time implementation of concepts using the Salesforce platform, you cannot clear the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam. Therefore, you should work on as many projects or use cases as possible. It will help you get hands-on experience working with the platform.

Take Mock Tests to Reinforce Your Learning

Before attempting the certification exam, you should take the Salesforce App Builder certification practice exams. There are various Salesforce App Builder mock exams that you can attempt for practicing the concepts that you have learned. These mock tests consist of various scenarios and problems that are similar to the actual Salesforce App Builder certification questions. It will help you get ample experience before appearing for the certification exam.

Identify the Areas for Improvement

After attempting various mock tests, you will get to know about your strengths and weaknesses. Then, you can identify the areas that need improvement and can work on those. This strategy will help you get confident about each and every concept and get a good score rather than just getting a passing score in the certification exam.

Perform a Self-assessment

Self-assessment is one of the important factors for evaluating yourself not only for clearing the Salesforce App Builder certification but for any certification exam. After taking mock tests and identifying the areas for improvement, you can do a self-assessment to understand how much knowledge you have on Salesforce. This will help you decide whether you are ready to clear the certification exam or if you need to practice more.

This is all about the Salesforce App Builder certification study guide. In this blog, we have covered all the important details of the Salesforce certification exam that you should know before starting your preparation for the exam.

Stay tuned to get more details about Salesforce and its certifications!

If you have any doubts or queries related to Salesforce, then you can visit Intellipaat?s Salesforce Community at any time!

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Intellipaat devops

Intellipaat devops


Intellipaat devops News update today Intellipaat devops

Intellipaat devops

First, let’s check out the agenda of this blog on ‘Salesforce App Builder Certification Exam Guide’: Introduction to Salesforce App BuilderSkills RequiredPrerequisites f…
Intellipaat devops
Intellipaat devops Intellipaat devops Intellipaat devops SOURCE:
Intellipaat devops
Intellipaat devops Intellipaat devops #tags#[replace: -,-Intellipaat devops] Intellipaat devops#tags#

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[b]Кабринский Эдуард - Azure devops hierarchy - Эдуард Кабринский

Azure devops hierarchy


Azure devops hierarchy News headlines Azure devops hierarchy

Azure devops hierarchy

AzGovViz - Azure Governance Visualizer

Do you want to get granular insights on your technical Azure Governance implementation? - document it in csv, html and markdown?
AzGovViz is a PowerShell based script that iterates your Azure Tenant?s Management Group hierarchy down to Subscription level. It captures most relevant Azure governance capabilities such as Azure Policy, RBAC and Blueprints and a lot more. From the collected data AzGovViz provides visibility on your HierarchyMap, creates a TenantSummary and builds granular ScopeInsights on Management Groups and Subscriptions. The technical requirements as well as the required permissions are minimal.

You can run the script either for your Tenant Root Group or any other Management Group that you have read access on.

"Governance can be a complex thing.."

  • Holistic overview on governance implementation
  • Connecting the dots

AzGovViz is intended to help you to get a holistic overview on your technical Azure Governance implementation by connecting the dots.

AzGovViz @ Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

Included in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework?s Strategy-Plan-Ready-Gov Azure DevOps Demo Generator template.

AzGovViz version history

AzGovViz version 4

  • New parameter -Experimental (see Parameters)
  • Performance optimization
  • Error handling optimization / API
  • Azure DevOps pipeline worker changed from 'ubuntu-latest' to 'ubuntu-18.04' (see Azure Pipelines - Sprint 177 Update, Ubuntu-latest workflows will use Ubuntu-20.04 #1816)

  • Re-model Bearer token handling (Az PowerShell Module Az.Accounts > 1.9.5 no longer provides access to the tokenCache GitHub issue)
  • Adding Scope information for Custom Policy and Custom PolicySet sections in TenantSummary
  • Cosmetics and User Experience enhancement
  • New demo

  • Error handling optimization
  • Enhanced read-permission validation
  • Toggle capabilities in TenantSummary (avoiding information overload)

  • Adding option to download html tables to csv
  • preloading of TableFilter removed for ScopeInsights (on poor hardware loading the html file took quite long)
  • Added column un-select option for some html tables
  • Performance optimization

  • Resource information for Management Groups (Resources in all child Subscriptions) in the ScopeInsights section
  • Excluded Subscriptions information (whitelisted, disabled, AAD_ QuotaId)
  • Bugfixes, Bugfixes, Bugfixes
  • Cosmetics and User Experience enhancement
  • Performance optimization
  • API error handling / retry optimization
  • New Parameters -NoASCSecureScore , -NoResourceProvidersDetailed (see Parameters)

AzGovViz version 3

  • HTML filterable tables
  • Resource Types Diagnostics capability check
  • ResourceDiagnostics Policy Lifecycle recommendations (experimental)
  • Resource Diagnostics Policy Findings
  • Resource Provider details
  • Policy Assignments filter excluded scopes
  • Use of deprecated built-in policies
  • Subscription QuotaId Whitelist

AzGovViz version 2

  • Optimized user experience for the HTML output
  • TenantSummary / selected Management Group scope
  • Reflect Tenant, ManagementGroup and Subscription Limits for Azure Governance capabilities
  • Some security related best practice highlighting
  • More details: Management Groups, Subscriptions, Policies, Policy Sets (Initiatives), Orphaned Policies, RBAC and Policy related RBAC (DINE MI), Orphaned Roles, Orphaned RoleAssignments, Blueprints, Subscription State, Subscription QuotaId, Subscription Tags, Azure Scurity Center Secure Score, ResourceGroups count, Resource types and count by region, Limits, Security findings
  • Resources / leveraging Azure Resource Graph
  • Parameter based output (hierarchy only, 'srubbed' user information and more..)
  • HTML version check

AzGovViz in Action

AzGovViz Demo EnterpriseScale implementation (v4 2020-11-08)


*IDs from screenshot are randomized

markdown in Azure DevOps Wiki as Code

*IDs from screenshot are randomized

  • CSV file
  • HTML file
    • the html file uses Java Script and CSS files which are hosted on various CDNs (Content Delivery Network). For details review the BuildHTML region in the AzGovViz.ps1 script file.
    • Browsers tested: Edge, new Edge and Chrome
  • MD (markdown) file
    • for use with Azure DevOps Wiki leveraging the Mermaid plugin

Note: there is some fixing ongoing at the mermaid project to optimize the graphical experience:

Short presentation on AzGovViz Download

AzGovViz technical documentation

Required permissions in Azure

  • RBAC permissions: Reader role on Management Group level
  • API permissions: If you run the script in the context of a Service Principal or in Azure Automation or on a Azure DevOps hosted agent (on top of the RBAC Role: Reader on Management Group level) you will need to grant API permissions in Azure Active Directory (get-AzRoleAssignment cmdlet requirements). The Automation Account or Service Connection App registration (Application) must be granted with: Azure Active Directory API | Application | Directory | Read.All (admin consent required)
  • Requires PowerShell Az Modules
    • Az.Accounts
    • Az.Resources
    • Az.ResourceGraph
  • Usage
    • .\AzGovViz.ps1 -ManagementGroupId
  • Parameters
    • -ManagementGroupId Tenant Id or any child Management Group Id
    • -CsvDelimiter the world is split into two kind of delimiters - comma and semicolon - choose yours
    • -OutputPath
    • -AzureDevOpsWikiAsCode
    • -DoNotShowRoleAssignmentsUserData scrub user information
    • -LimitCriticalPercentage limit warning level, default is 80%
    • -HierarchyTreeOnly -HierarchyMapOnly output only the HierarchyMap for Management Groups including linked Subscriptions
    • -SubscriptionQuotaIdWhitelist process only subscriptions with defined QuotaId(s)
    • -NoResourceProvidersDetailed disables output for ResourceProvider states for all Subscriptions in the TenantSummary section, in large Tenants this can become time consuming
    • -NoASCSecureScore disables ASC Secure Score request for Subscriptions. The used API is in preview you may want to disable this
    • -Experimental executes experimental features. Latest experimental feature: 'ResourceDiagnostics Policy Lifecycle recommendations' - e.g. it checks on all existing custom policies that deploy resource diagnostics settings if all available log categories are defined in the policy (may they be enabled or disabled)
    • -UseAzureRM support for AzureRm modules has been deprecated
  • Passed tests: Powershell Core on Windows
  • Passed tests: Powershell 5.1.18362.752 on Windows
  • Passed tests: Powershell Core on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Azure DevOps Pipeline

The provided example Pipeline is configured to run based on a schedule (every 12 hours). It will push the AzGovViz markdown output file to the 'wiki' folder in the 'Azure-MG-Sub-Governance-Reporting' Repository which will feed your Wiki.

  1. In Azure DevOps make sure to enable the Multistage Pipelines feature
  2. Clone the AzGovViz Repo
  3. Create Pipeline, configure your pipeline selecting Existing Azure Pipelines YAML file, select the AzGovViz YAML from the AzGovViz (Azure-MG-Sub-Governance-Reporting) Repo
  4. Grant Repository permissions: In order to allow the pipeline to push files back to our 'wiki' folder in the 'Azure-MG-Sub-Governance-Reporting' Repository the Build Service Account ('%ProjectName% Build Service (%OrgName%)') must be granted with Contribute permission
  5. Run the Pipeline
  6. Create Wiki by choosing Publish Code as Wiki, define the folder 'wiki' from the 'Azure-MG-Sub-Governance-Reporting' Repository as source

AzGovViz creates very detailed information about your Azure Governance setup. In your organization's best interest the outputs should be protected from not authorized access!

Disabled Subscriptions and Subscriptions where Quota Id starts with with "AAD_" are being skipped (check parameter -SubscriptionQuotaIdWhitelist ), all others are queried. More info on Quota Id / Offer numbers: Supported Microsoft Azure offers .

ARM Limits are not acquired programmatically, they are hardcoded. The links used to check related Limits are commented in the param section of the script.

Please feel free to contribute. Thanks to so many supporters - testing, giving feedback, making suggestions, presenting use-case, posting/blogging articles, refactoring code - THANK YOU!

Thanks Stefan Stranger (Microsoft) for providing me with his AzGovViz outputs executed on his implementation of EnterpriseScale. Make sure you read Stefan?s Blog Article: Enterprise-Scale - Policy Driven Governance

Thanks Frank Oltmanns-Mack (Microsoft) for providing me with his AzGovViz outputs executed on his implementation of EnterpriseScale (see latest demo).

Special thanks to Tim Wanierke, Brooks Vaughn and Friedrich Weinmann (Microsoft).

Kudos to the TableFilter Project Team!

Also check - AzAdvertizer helps you to keep up with the pace by providing overview and insights on new releases and changes/updates for Azure Governance capabilities such as Azure Policy's policy definitions, initiatives (set definitions), aliases and Azure RBAC's role definitions and resource provider operations.


AzGovViz provides visibility on your Azure ManagementGroup hierarchy, creates a Tenant Summary and builds granular Scope Insights on Management Groups and Subscriptions for Azure governance capabilities such as Azure Policy, RBAC, Blueprints and more.

Azure devops hierarchy

Azure devops hierarchy


Azure devops hierarchy News news news news Azure devops hierarchy

Azure devops hierarchy

AzGovViz provides visibility on your Azure ManagementGroup hierarchy, creates a Tenant Summary and builds granular Scope Insights on Management Groups and Subscriptions for Azure governance capabilities such as Azure Policy, RBAC, Blueprints and more. - JulianHayward/Azure-MG-Sub-Governance-Reporting
Azure devops hierarchy
Azure devops hierarchy Azure devops hierarchy Azure devops hierarchy SOURCE:
Azure devops hierarchy
Azure devops hierarchy Azure devops hierarchy #tags#[replace: -,-Azure devops hierarchy] Azure devops hierarchy#tags#[/b] [b]Eduard Kabrinskiy[/b] [url=]online news[/url]

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[b]Кабринский Эдуард - Cisco devops - Eduard Kabrinskiy

Cisco devops


Cisco devops Latest it news Cisco devops

Cisco DevNet Arrives in 2020: What to Expect

12/13/2019 update: The exam — DEVASC 200-901 — doesn’t go live until Feb. 24, 2020, but you can start preparing for the exam with our new Cisco DevNet training!

In recent years, programming and DevOps have become very important in the IT realm. If you’re looking to land a DevOps, automation, or software development role, you need ways to validate your knowledge and skills. Cisco recognizes this need for certification and is launching a new DevNet certification track in February 2020 to support the growing need.

DevNet is designed to meet the demands of an industry that is evolving to focus more on automation and DevOps. As such, there are new DevNet certs forthcoming at the associate, specialist and professional levels with an expert cert coming down the road. In this piece, we’ll review what this new program is and its different levels.

Introducing the Cisco DevNet Program

The Cisco DevNet Certification program is a first for Cisco. DevNet certifications will validate skills in areas such as Cisco APIs, Cisco’s programmability strategy, security, and network ops. This new cert program is targeted at software developers, DevOps engineers, automation specialists, and other software professionals. For employers, DevNet certification will signal verifiable skills in the domains of automation, infrastructure as code, IoT, DevOps, and Webex. Cisco CCNA (200-301)

Related training from CBT Nuggets

Start training

Cisco DevNet certification will follow the same general path as other Cisco certs. The following DevNet options will be available at launch:

Introducing these certifications shows that Cisco is noticing the changes in the industry. They are actively making an effort to keep up with these changes. Most importantly, Cisco is listening to their community and creating new training paths to meet industry demands.

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification

Starting at the Associate level, there’s the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate. Just like the new CCNA, you’ll be required to complete only one exam to earn this certification. The 200-901 DEVASC exam will cover a wide range of topics to validate a good foundation at the associate level. These topics will include the following:

  • Software development and design
  • Understanding and using APIs
  • Cisco platforms and development
  • Application deployment and security
  • Infrastructure and automation
  • Network fundamentals

The exam is meant to test your knowledge of software development and design. The DevNet Associate cert will be available Feb. 24, 2020. The associate level certification isn’t designed to help IT pros with specialization. Its aim is to establish foundational skills they’ll realistically use at this level.

As for prerequisites, there are technically none. However, it is recommended you have at least one year of experience with software development including Python programming. The DevNet Associate certification, typical for Cisco certifications, will be valid for three years.

Here’s a look at the our new Cisco DevNet Associate (200-901 DEVASC) training from Keith Barker, Ben Finkel, and Knox Hutchinson:

Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist Certification

The next level is the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist. At this point you start to focus on an area of specialization. Several specialist options will be available to bridge the gap from DevNet Associate to DevNet Specialist. Beginning Feb. 24, 2020, the following Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist options will be offered:

  • Enterprise Automation and Programmability (300-435 ENAUTO)
  • Data Center Automation and Programmability (300-635 DCAUTO)
  • Security Automation and Programmability (300-735 SAUTO)
  • Service Provider Automation and Programmability (300-535 SPAUTO)
  • Collaboration Automation and Programmability (300-835 CLAUTO)
  • Core (300-901 DEVCOR)
  • DevOps (300-910 DEVOPS)
  • loT (300-915 DEVIOT)
  • Webex (300-920 DEVWBX)

To earn Specialist certifications, you only need to take one exam to be certified. There also are no prerequisites for these specialist certifications. So, if you’re already working in a particular area and make use of these skills, you can pick the specialist certification that best aligns with your current role.

Assuming you have experience in these areas, you can even work on several certifications to further your career. This will continually give you recognition as you’re working toward other certifications. DevNet Specialist certifications will also be valid for three years.

Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Certification

The highest level of the DevNet offerings on launch day will be Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Certification. At the professional level you’ll be required to take two exams to become certified. Just like the CCNP, you’ll need to complete a core exam and a concentration exam.

The core exam will test your knowledge on software design and development. You’ll be tested on using APIs, Cisco platforms, application deployment, security, infrastructure, and automation. You can learn more about the core exam, 300-901 DEVCOR, here. You’ll notice that the core exam is also a DevNet Specialist certification. This means you will earn a Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist Certification just for completing the core exam. You’ll earn recognition for your accomplishment as you work toward your DevNet Professional certification.

The concentration exams will focus on domain specific topics. You’ll only need to complete one of the concentration exams to complete the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification. Here’s a list of the concentration exams:

  • Enterprise Automation and Programmability (300-435 ENAUTO)
  • Data Center Automation and Programmability (300-635 DCAUTO)
  • Security Automation and Programmability (300-735 SAUTO)
  • Service Provider Automation and Programmability (300-535 SPAUTO)
  • Collaboration Automation and Programmability (300-835 CLAUTO)
  • DevOps (300-910 DEVOPS)
  • loT (300-915 DEVIOT)
  • Webex (300-920 DEVWBX)

Any of these looks familiar? They should. The concentration exams are also the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist exams. This means you’ll display the DevNet Professional and your Specialist cert.

These certifications will be valid for three years just like the Associate and Specialist levels. They also will offer several options for recertification when the time comes.

DevNet Expert Launches Later

You might be a little confused about the missing expert level of the DevNet options — which is justified. We’ve talked about every other level for this program with no expert program. Does that mean there won’t be a Cisco Certified DevNet Expert? At the moment, it doesn’t look like the Cisco Certified DevNet Expert will be available Feb. 24, 2020. However, Cisco expects to release one sometime in the future.

Today, we don’t have a lot of information on what the DevNet Expert might require. If it follows the same trend as other Cisco certification paths, it will likely have requirements similar to the CCIE. This would mean you’ll have to complete a core exam a lab exam. Assuming that is true, the core exam, 300-901 DEVCOR, could be a requirement for the DevNet Expert certification.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens on the expert level. As of now, your guess is as good as ours.

Wrapping Up

Empowering certification-seekers seems to be an underlying theme with all Cisco’s pending changes, and that’s a good thing. From changes to their CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE to the introduction of the Cisco Certified DevNet certs, they’re providing an offering that focuses on what employers demand and that will give exam-takers the most flexibility.

For example, you can choose to start with DevNet Associate or jump straight into a DevNet Specialist cert. Deciding what is best for you helps you get the most out of your dollar and time investment. The industry is changing and Cisco sees it. Make sure to change with it and keep yourself up to date and pick the career path that is best for you.

Not a CBT Nuggets subscriber? Start your free week now.

CBT Nuggets has everything you need to learn new IT skills and advance your career -- unlimited video training and Practice Exams, Virtual Labs, validated learning with in-video Quizzes, Accountability Coaching, and access to our exclusive community of IT professionals.

Cisco devops

Cisco devops


Cisco devops Top news stories Cisco devops

Cisco devops

There’s a lot of excitement around Cisco’s DevNet certification program. We take a look at one of the most anticipated certifications to hit the market in 2020. Continue Reading  Continue Reading
Cisco devops
Cisco devops Cisco devops Cisco devops SOURCE:
Cisco devops
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Apartment Maintenance Checklist Regular apartment maintenance may prevent future repair costs. Proper apartment maintenance prevents unnecessary expenses for apartment leasing companies and property tenants. Regular general upkeep will also ensure optimal living conditions, and may help prevent accidents. In addition to simple tasks, such as regular cleaning, apartments should receive regular inspections and renovations if necessary. If you are an apartment tenant and are unsure of how to fix a maintenance problem in your unit, be sure to contact your property maintenance team to assist you in resolving the issue. Exterior Maintenance Whether you are an apartment tenant or a ...

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Browse 1,807 verified 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Chicago and submit your lease application now! ? 100% verified listings ? Available Now ? Online Application. 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Chicago, IL – 1,807 Rentals available < p="" both”=""> Coast At Lakeshore East Studio-3 Beds 1-3 Baths Alta At K Station Studio-3 Beds 1-2.5 Baths The Covington – 4600 N Clarendon Ave 1-2 Beds 1 Bath 55 E. Washington St. Studio-3 Beds 1-2 Baths Astoria Tower Studio-2 Beds 1-2 Baths 723-25 N Central Ave 1-2 Beds 1-2 Baths Park Michigan – 1212 S Michigan Ave Studio-2 Beds ...

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Grand theft auto rockstar games-Grand theft auto rockstar games Grand theft auto rockstar games Information Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V takes place in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California in the Grand theft auto rockstar games Information Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V takes place in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California in the largest and most thriving game-world we have ever created set in the sprawling city of Los Santos and for miles beyond – from the tops of the mountains to the depths of the ocean. Visit for more information. ...

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Auto deals Auto Deals LLC Reviews My vehicle was repossessed twice within 2 weeks because of ICL Finance!. Edward is EXTREMELY rude and so is the other reps. Only person who is kind is . jaquiline! The first time i spoke to a girl who told me i was ok to wait until 09/01/2017 to get insurance again, they took my car on 08/24/2017 for no insurance. Then they took my car from my job on 09/12/2017 for non payment. Not to mention ive made every payment since ive had this vehicle. THEY ARE HORRIBLE ! Worst car experience ever!! ...

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Auto carpet How to Repair Auto Carpet Right Without Buying A New One! Anyone who has ever put forth the time, effort, and money to restore a car wants it to stay in that just-finished condition for as long as possible. Additional hard work is expended to try to maintain its perfect condition even though we know that it will soon begin to suffer from exposure to the outside world. First it starts to get dirty, the engine paint starts to discolor, and then there’s the first scratch. Dirt can be cleaned, paint can be touched up, scratches can be ...

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Apartment locators Dallas Apartment Locators . Who We Are! So you’re looking to move and find a new apartment for rent in Dallas. That’s great! We know this is a very exciting, and stressful, time for you. Luckily, we happen to specialize in making your relocation process the best experience possible. Whether you’re looking to go upscale and trendy or leaning towards a quieter, family-friendly existence, the team at Dallas Apartment Locators knows this city inside and out, as we should. Our hands-on apartment finders have over 15 years of combined real estate experience in Dallas, Texas, so you can ...

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Careers at Company Information Scottsboro , AL 35768 Overview What’s the culture of Blockbuster? What’s it like to work Blockbuster? Open Positions Application 2. Submit your job application in person during non-busy hours. Tips for Applying at Blockbuster: An excellent first impression, application submission and follow-up can greatly boost your chances of getting hired at Blockbuster. Interviews It is important to know about Blockbuster so that you are able to answer questions like why you applied, what interests you about the company and many others. These questions are very common in interviews and having a great answer can really set ...

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#I #got #my #free #credit #reports, #but #they #do #not #include #my #credit #scores How do i check my credit report for free How do i check my credit report for free About Us Overview Careers Overview We’re the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a U.S. government agency that makes sure banks, lenders, and other financial companies treat you fairly. I got my free credit reports, but they do not include my credit scores. Can I get my credit score for free too? Answer: Free credit reports provided by the nationwide credit reporting agencies currently do not include free credit ...

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[url=]jobs muthoot finance [/url] Virginia campus ) Video

Virginia campus Virginia campus University of Virginia Get Current Location Go Fresh Food Company 180 McCormick Rd Charlottesville, VA 22903 Garden Room Faculty and Staff Dining Room 211 McCormick Rd Charlottesville, VA 22904 John Paul Jones Athletic Dining Room 295 Massie Rd Charlottesville, VA 22904 Observatory Hill Dining Room 525 McCormick Rd Charlottesville, VA 22904 Runk Dining Room 265 Hereford Dr Charlottesville, VA 22904 Crossroads Food Court and Convenience Store 525 McCormick Rd Charlottesville, VA 22903 180 McCormick Rd Charlottesville, VA 22903 160 McCormick Rd Charlottesville, VA 22904 385 McCormick Rd Charlottesville, VA 22903 202 Jeanette Lancaster Way Charlottesville, VA ...

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three bureau credit report GM Investing $1.8 Billion in Six States, Adding 700 Jobs! / Video

GM Investing $1.8 Billion in Six States, Adding 700 Jobs To waive your right, you may find yellow triangle containing a letter next to a route or bus GM Investing $1.8 Billion in Six States, Adding 700 Jobs. The APR for a home equity line of credit does not take points and financing GM Investing $1.8 Billion in Six States, Adding 700 Jobs GM Investing $1.8 Billion in Six States, Adding 700 Jobs consideration, and make sure that all necessary repairs or adjustments are done. Tweede Sweelinckstraat – 2 Bedrooms, so boring and I was so exhausted and in the ...

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comprehensive insurance Tennessean online ^ Video

Tennessean online Tennessean online Tennessean online Inside the Titans Have a question for Jim? TitansOnline Senior Writer/Editor Jim Wyatt answers your questions here. Download the Official Titans App Make your device a unique part of your game day experience for Titans games. Catch breaking news from the team, see real-time statistics for every drive, and watch live press conferences and on-demand game highlights and player interviews. The Official Titans Podcast Hosted by Mike Keith, Amie Wells and Jim Wyatt, The OTP presents a special month-long series (beginning April 1) leading up to the NFL Draft. The OTP: Road to Nashville. ...

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Assicurazioni on line auto ~ Video

Assicurazioni online: confronto migliori assicurazioni e polizze Assicurazioni on line auto Assicurazioni on line: confronta e scegli la migliore Assicurazioni Auto Confronta piu compagnie e risparmia fino a 500€* Assicurazioni Moto Confronta piu compagnie e risparmia fino a 300€* I nostri partner Confronto assicurazioni online e il servizio di comparazione delle offerte assicurative leader in Italia, trovare le assicurazioni on line piu economiche e semplice e veloce: il servizio permette la personalizzazione dell’offerta, facendo in modo che la polizza si adatti perfettamente alle esigenze di ciascun cliente. e un comparatore di assicurazioni e opera con l’autorizzazione dell’IVASS e ...

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myfirstpremiercard San diego medical marijuana + Video

MMIC How to Apply San diego medical marijuana MMIC How to Apply For more information phone (619) 692-5723 or send us an email. Eligibility San Diego County residents with a serious medical condition. Qualifying conditions are: AIDS Anorexia Arthritis Cachexia Cancer Chronic Pain Glaucoma Migraine Seizures Severe nausea Persistent muscle spasms Any other chronic or persistent medical condition that either: limits their ability to conduct one or more major life activity as defined by the American Disability Act of 1990; or may cause harm if not alleviated. Application forms can be obtained by mail, in person or online in English ...

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Arguments: - Tennessee Business Current News.

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Analytics: [url=]Fort-worth Finance[/url] Current News.

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